love by the million times

photo by: romagram

i see you in te stands
i feel you watching me
i am thankful for you being there
i want you to know this
do you want to know what i'm thinking?
who i really am?
i can't give that to you
but i can give you 90 minutes with all of my heart
i have given you that for 20 years now
670 times and 282 goals
i have given you my whole career as a football player
for one team. ROMA
playing for you
the fans
maybe this is my moment to thank you
in Italy and around the world
on behalf of this great football team
thank you
you have give me the purest gift one can ever give
the energy to keep on going
i hope somehow that satisfies you
but i understand if it doesn't
trust me i really do
like you, i am hungry for more

aaakkkkkkkkkkkkkk you!!!!!!!!
i'm fallin in love by the million times!!!!
and for more years,
trust me, for the billions!!!!!

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