After Office Hours

"so, Ve, you're ex auditor?" Beu said. "just tell me everything, no matter how bad there.." he seriously.
"i dont knw. May anything happen before I came, I mean, I just, hmm.. No, I mean, sometimes I really dnt understand why no monthly recon specifically for taxation. Understand that too many to do by itself. I mean, just trf to the other one." Ve, then continued her potatos.
"Ve, did u knw? It's a challenge for you. If everything ok, there's no challenge and you are not learn. Agree?" may he try to support.
"exactly." simple Ve.
Beu continued him delicious steak.
"yes, Ve?"
"could you please finish your question?" Ve smile.
"ha..ha..ha.. Why? U dnt like. I knw. But u cnt stop my question"
"look guys, hw annoying he is. I will silent." Ve sullenly. "just finished ur dine and go home, it will traffic at night."
"ha..ha..ha.." Beu laugh.

---cerpen Sepenggal, lanjutan "Red Kites" - 7 years ago.

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